Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Verrrrry Interrresting....

The UK Paper Guardian interviewed one of only 2 surviving members of Hitler's bunker--his nurse, Erna Flegal, who is currently 93 years old. It was interesting to hear her recollections of what happened during the last days of WWII as the Russians closed in on Berlin. A particularly notable impression she spoke of was that of Hitler: "His authority was extraordinary. He was always polite and charming. There was really nothing to object to." Interesting...isn't that how most sociopaths are described?

Update: Thanks to the tip of an anonymous commenter, I discovered that contrary to this article stating his silence, the other survivor, 87 year old Rochus Misch, indeed has talked. Here is his version of the last days of the Third Reich.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe prompted by her interview, the other surviving witness is now telling his story.

9:53 PM  

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