Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kerry's not as "intellectual" as he would have you think....

Many people from the left side of the political spectrum have bashed President Bush's intellect, in particular, talking about how he only had a C average at Yale. However, Kerry did no better--in fact worse--than Bush did academically at Yale, as shown by his own release of his college transcript. He made 4 D's his freshman year alone, whereas Bush made only 1 D his whole college career. As the well-circulated pre-election "Resume of John F. Kerry" stated, he "graduated from Yale University with a low C average. Unlike my opponent George Bush, I have no higher education and did not get admitted to Harvard nor graduate with an M.B.A."--this transcript release gives only further confirmation of these statements. It's amazing how the whole spin machine flipped the poor grades as coming from Bush alone. In fact, it speaks additional volumes how Kerry excused his low marks: “I always told my dad that D stood for distinction,” Kerry said in a written response to reporters’ questions. In another article re: Kerry's scores, it states another of his stellar excuses for scoring a lower IQ on a Navy aptitude test than Bush had: "'I must have been drinking the night before I took that military aptitude test," Kerry told NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw." Yep, that must've been it.


Blogger Christopher said...

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Blogger Christopher said...

trying this again (the link busted last time)...

am reading a killer didacticism at present, the subject of which is the apparent contradiction that is the "stupid intellectual". opens with a great statement: "when ideology is your guide, you're bound to get lost." :-)

1:00 PM  
Blogger queen_spoo said...

That looks like a very interesting read...thanks for enlightening us with your finds! So true...we need to have absolute guidance, not based on where the wind blows.

10:20 AM  

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