Saturday, October 29, 2005

More asinine insults

Well, he’s at it again. Ward Churchill, about whom I’ve blogged before, is back in the news with his uncensored, ignorant comments of his. As he continually hearkens back to the Holocaust to incessantly insult people, he lastly allegedly said during a lecture to college students “that Hitler should have exterminated ‘your American grandparents instead of the Jews.’" Not knowing when to keep his "theories" to himself—if he in fact said something of the sort—he continues in his narcissistic denial with an additional insult that “’It's not something I said," Churchill told about 80 students. They're "not the brightest bulbs in the world and not the most honest.’”

Thankfully, the topic on which my last post is based, Churchill “is being investigated by CU for plagiarism and academic dishonesty after he wrote an essay likening 9/11 victims to a Nazi.” Despite all of his dishonesty and deceitfulness based on what he has said and written and even claimed to be (hardly Native American, though he is head of Native American studies at CU), he is still teaching and spreading his offensive and insulting opinions with hardly a blink. I think CU is finally getting a clue, because Churchill is on a “sabbatical” while they are apparently investigating him.

Most recently, a college was asked to take off a doctored photograph where they had removed the AK-47 rifle Churchill was holding because “Obviously, we cannot support guns, so it was taken out.” They are complying with a request to find another photo to publicize his lecture at their school. Perhaps we’ll find out if they regretted asking him to speak, depending on what asinine parallel he will draw next.


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