Sunday, November 27, 2005

Comparison of Yoga Techniques

Indian vs. Irish

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Help Wanted: New Jersey State Slogan

Apparently, New Jersey wants a new state slogan, and is asking the public for ideas to consider after they paid a marketing company $260,000 for their input, "New Jersey: We'll win you over," which the governor felt implied there was something wrong with their state. Their former motto had been "New Jersey and You: Perfect Together," but wanted to change it after several years. Currently, they are using "Get Away, Without Going Far Away," but are now considering residents' submissions, among them some of the following:

"New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?"
"NJ: How You Doin'?!"
"Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted."
"From Ol' Blue Eyes to the Boss: Jersey Is Singing Your Song"
"Born to Fun"
"Bada Bing! Choose New Jersey"
"New Jersey: It Always Smells Like This"
"New Jersey: Come Glow With Us"

If you have any ideas you would like to suggest, or want to follow the results, click here.

Creative, Bizarre, or just Downright Mean?

I'm all for different and creative names for one's children, but the top ten list of the most unusually named celebrity children came out from an online poll that really push that envelope. It's one thing to be different; it's completely another to be plain bizarre. Here are the Top 10:

1 Moon Unit -- Frank Zappa
2 Apple -- Chris Martin (Coldplay)
3 Misty Kyd -- Sharleen Spiteri (Texas)
4 Geronimo -- Alex James (Blur)
5 Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily -- Michael Hutchence/Paula Yates
6 Dandelion -- Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
7 Dweezil -- Frank Zappa
8 Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q -- Bono (U2)
9 Zowie Bowie -- David Bowie
10 Rufus Tiger -- Roger Taylor (Queen)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The next generation of boy bands...

I came across these videos of two Chinese students who apparently want to emulate the Backstreet Boys. Maybe they can become their own boy band someday.

"I want it that way"

Back with part 2...
"As long as you love me"

Thanks to Chris for the heads up about these talented guys.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mice sing love songs?

Here is an article that talks about scientists at Washington University who have discovered that male mice have a birdlike "song" that they think might be used to woo the opposite sex.
"It soon became ... apparent that these vocalizations were not random twitterings but songs," said researcher Timothy Holy. "There was a pattern to them. They sounded a lot like bird songs."...Holy and co-author Zhongsheng Guo were studying the brain response in male mice to chemical signals emitted by female mice. The mice sounds were not audible without technical amplification. Initially, researchers recorded the sounds with a microphone, stored them in a computer and converted them to an image. Later, they developed a way to hear the sounds by recording them on tape and reconstructing them four octaves lower. Holy said the mice sounds met two key criteria for song — distinct syllables and recurring themes, "like the melodic hook in a catchy tune."

To listen four of the mice "songs" they recorded, press the play button below.