Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Religous Movies in the Making...

Here are a couple of upcoming movies with religious themes, according to Christianity Today:

Bollywood Jesus
India's film industry to tackle the life of Christ. Yes, there will be singing. But no dancing.
by Mark Moring

Cecil B. Demille, Martin Scorsese, and Mel Gibson have all made movies about the life of Christ. Now Bollywood is getting in on the act.

The as-yet untitled biopic -- claimed by studio Aditya Productions as a first for the Indian film industry -- is expected to start filming soon, with versions planned in four Indian languages. Pawan Kalyan will play the lead role in the Telugu and Malayalam language versions, with an announcement expected soon on the stars of the English and Hindi adaptations.

The $30 million, 195-minute epic, to be shot in India and Israel, will release in late 2011. It will include seven songs, but no dancing -- a typical element of many Bollywood movies.

Producer Konda Krishnam Raju, speaking in Jerusalem, said, “This is the first time in the 79-year history of the Bollywood film industry that a film on Jesus Christ is being made. Our dream is finally coming true.”

Director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao said, "We are enriched, enthralled and thrilled. We are getting the necessary inspiration." He added that he hoped the film's central message would be heard by Israelis and Palestinians: "Wherever there is conflict, pain, war, we would like to take the message of peace and love."

Mariners Church to release 'I Am' to 3,000-plus churches in October
by Mark Moring

In any given week, only the biggest of the big blockbusters release to more than 3,000 movie screens across the U.S., but a new film from Mariners Church in Irvine, California, hopes to hit that number -- and more -- when it releases I Am on October 10.

According to the film's official website, the movie "offers an insight into the true nature of our God, and fights the damaging stereotypes of His character through a gritty, non-linear drama with a plot weaving around average people violating the Ten Commandments -- one by one. We see that these commandments were not edicts from a jealous God, but a love letter to humanity -- a warning to those who don't understand the massive consequences of even the smallest sins upon ourselves and the world around us."

Mariners is offering the film for free screenings to churches on October 10 before releasing it on DVD through 20th Century Fox at a later date. Mariners says the film is meant to "start a conversation. It's a movie that doesn't do the talking, but instead tries to compel others to want to talk after they've seen it. What better place to HOST conversations about God than at church?"

Learn more about the film at their Facebook site, and see the trailer below: