Sunday, July 05, 2009

And his name is....Mochachino!

Well, the survey is over, and the winning name, by one vote, is Mochachino. (Galen was the close second)

To top it off, we found a professional pet photographer who was looking for some exotic pets to photograph for a class she is teaching. She was specifically looking for Ragdoll cats as well as sugar gliders, both of which we have. So we went for a session and she posted some beautiful prints on her blog, which is even more amazing since none of them would sit still for more than 0.5 nanoseconds. :) Link to her blog here, so you can see her pictures and her comments. Thanks so much Stephanie!!

(If the blog link ever breaks, here is a PDF of the post)

Here is a slideshow of Mochachino's portraits:

For fun, here you can see the sugar glider pictures as well:

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