Sunday, September 04, 2011

Australian Female Guitarist Orianthi Joins Alice Cooper!

The Australian phenom Orianthi Panagaris is filling the shoes of the recently departed Damon Johnson from Alice Cooper's band (to join Thin Lizzy).  She should be a very interesting addition!!

Orianthi Joins Alice Cooper’s Band

Peter Hodgson

Australian guitarist Orianthi Panagaris has stepped in to replace Damon Johnson as Alice Cooper’s guitarist. reports the news from sources who claim Johnson left the band to join Thin Lizzy, stepping into the spot left vacant by Vivian Campbell when he returned to his Def Leppard commitments.

Johnson wrote a goodbye message to his bandmates on Facebook yesterday: “I love you, Alice Cooper. And Chuck, Tommy, Steve, and Glen. And Keri, Jimmy, Eric, Ryan, and Tommy C. With all my heart.”

Meanwhile Orianthi confirmed the news via Twitter (“Thanks! Gonna be a blast!”), while also confirming that she’d just that day begun recording her new album.

Orianthi is known for her hit “According to You” as well as her role as Michael Jackson’s last lead guitarist. Steve Vai began singing Orianthi’s praises when she was 15, and Carlos Santana took her under his wing when she was 18. Oranthi and Vai recorded the track “Highly Strung” for her album Believe in 2009.

Watch Orianthi shred with Steve Vai here:

Here, Orianthi has already gotten a head start with "School's Out" from Alice's appearance on American Idol last year!

Here, Orianthi speaks briefly about her joining Alice's touring band...

Orianthi and Alice performing "I'll Bite Your Face Off" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 

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