Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pythons in Space! - Monty Python, that is....

Hollywood industry magazine Variety is reporting today that surviving members of legendary British comedy troupe Monty Python will soon be reuniting -- in outer space, no less.

John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam are set to perform together in "Absoutely Anything", a sci-fi comedy about aliens who give an earthling special powers, directed and co-written by Python alumnus Terry Jones. Eric Idle, the other surviving member of the troupe, is also reportedly being sought to take part.

The last time the members of the group performed together was in 1998 at the Aspen Comedy Festival, at which an urn containing the ashes of late member Graham Chapman also appeared.

While Jones told Variety that "Absolutely Anything" is "not a Monty Python picture," he said that "it certainly has that sensibility."

Jones was in the red chair last week, when he talked to George about some of his other current projects, and how he perceived the Pythons' legacy. He also gave some insight into the internal dynamics of the legendary troupe - here he is explaining how group members would solve questions of what could be considered funny:

The new movie will also mark the first full-length film to be directed by Jones - who also directed or co-directed all of the Monty Python film releases - since 1996's "Wind in the Willows," which featured performances by Idle, Cleese and Palin. That movie was a video-only release in North America, a development that apparently discouraged Jones from pursuing other directorial projects.


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