Friday, May 06, 2005

Now you can use the name you've always wanted...

Again, a listing was brought to my attention on eBay, a bastion of amusement in addition to being the world's garage sale. Anyhow, here is an auction where, as the winning bidder, you are allowed to choose the name for their third daughter, who was miraculously conceived after the mother had undergone tubal ligation after her second baby. If there's ever a name you wanted to use, but never had the opportunity, then here's your chance!

Update: After 2 relistings (eBay pulled it off twice?), it finally sold for $127.50 with 14 bids. However, we don't know the name that was submitted. I will update again if I find out.


Blogger Christopher said...

proof that at least some of us are conceived in-between aisles at Wal-Mart. :-p

1:16 AM  

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