Friday, May 20, 2005

The pro-abortion cover up continues...

It's really amazing how the media and pro-abortion proponents try to cover up the fact that what is being killed is a baby, and call it a "fetus" or just "tissue" in order to dehumanize the whole sordid event. Here is an article showing just that type of cover-up, when a woman delivered her son in an L&D abortion, and decided she wanted to keep him after all, but the clinic claimed he was never born alive and that she just "passed some tissue," never calling for aid after she had changed her mind to keep her son. They wouldn't even let her hold her baby after the fact. This industry is so grotesque, cruel, and inhumane that many have left the business of abortion after they have worked in it for a time...but some still remain who have dehumanized themselves so much that they continue their work and try to depersonalize the job they are doing instead in order to rationalize their actions.

Update: This mother is now suing the clinic for "failing to have a doctor present during the procedure, improperly stating the baby was stillborn, and failing to provide postoperative care." They are hoping that this case will spark "enforcement of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA), a law passed by Congress in 2002." Chuck Colson also commented on this case to exemplify the need for a Culture of Life in our country and in this world.


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