Monday, June 27, 2005

Oddest eBay listing I've seen in a while...

Here is an eBay listing I came across by accident, which is one of the strangest I've come across yet. For $1000.00 starting bid, you can donate to "PLEASE SAVE BIPOLAR MANIC DEPRESSIVE OF VERY SAD DEATH." Evidently, this person's significant other has Bipolar Disorder and has endured the highs and lows of this illness, as well as the side effects of the medication that she's been off and on. (I have worked with several Bipolar kids, and it is a difficult illness to work with for both the patient and the therapist, especially since they are often some of the most prone not to take their meds.) This woman also has breast and uterine cancer and doesn't want to take chemotherapy, and her behavior has caused them to be evicted from their apartment and was arrested. It appears that this man is trying to raise money to obtain their next apartment, to cover moving expenses, to help advance his job at home for income, and hopefully, for her treatment. I really feel for the guy as well as this woman who has apparently gone through so much, but essentially "begging" on eBay seems to be a new approach. Perhaps I should start a "Support Queen Spoo Fund"...


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