Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another tragedy of Political Correctness

As you may have heard, talk-show host Michael Graham was fired for stating his opinion--based on facts--about Islam and its essentially lone connection with terrorism. He attempted to put to rest the statements that Islam is a "religion of peace," and stated that "the reason Islam has itself become a terrorist organization is that it cannot address its own role in this violence." Now, many Muslims may claim that this isn't true--and it is true that not every Muslim has committed acts of terror themselves--but the justification of such acts are permitted within the Koran and they could act upon them if they so desired. They have been trying to appease people into thinking that they are peaceful, while at the same time not condemning acts of violence committed in the name of Islam among the "infidels," as well as committing other social atrocities among their own people (i.e., honor killings, domestic violence, torture/killing of converters/non-believers, extreme punishments for breaking laws, etc.) that are much less publicized. As Graham was "threatened" by CAIR, people have been essentially bullied into not letting on the true spirit of Islam and what Mohommed promoted. His commentary is well-worth reading and makes a lot of sense. I, for one, am glad that he spoke up. However, in this time of political correctness--where we cannot state things as they really are for fear of offending the party in question (unless they're Christian--they're always fair game and so what if they're offended?) and is called "hate-speech" if we do--he was fired for his comments. Here is Michael's follow-up commentary on his termination.

Update: (8/24/05) According to this report, Graham didn't go long without a job: Rightalk.com, an Internet-based conservative radio network, hired him to start on Monday. In addition, here is another commentary talking about the irony of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and their reprimand of Graham's linking of terror with Islam, when their own leaders have been convicted of various crimes supporting terrorism themselves in one way or another.


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