Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Battle of 21st Century Ideologies

An excellent commentary, part of a series on Judeo-Christian values, by Dennis Prager that discussed the three ideologies that are fighting to be the dominant value system and shaper of humanity's morality (or lack thereof): Secular-Leftist, Judeo-Christian, and now Islamic. Whereas the Secular-Leftist and Judeo-Christian values butt heads on the intellectual level, the Judeo-Christan and Islamic ones butt heads where faith comes into play. Which one is the most viable, and which one will you choose?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What seems so strange to me is that we don't see the Secular-Lefts butting heads with the Islamists. As the most polar opposite of the three, it makes no sense (unless of course they really do have something in common, as a Judeo-Christian may assert.)

9:36 PM  

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