Monday, August 01, 2005

A sad day in the world of animation...

Disney has announced that it will close the last of its hand-drawn 2D animation studios in 2006. As an artist (of sorts), it is sad to see the basis of the animated movie go by the way of the dinosaur as CGI becomes the current day norm, allowing for 3D work to come through the screen. I remember when I went through the Disney studios as they were drawing "Beauty and the Beast," and wanting to be an animator, even though I knew I lacked the right artistic skills that it takes to animate a characater over and over again. Who knew it would become so obsolete so quickly? I hope these talented people will be able to continue using their artistic talents as a career and to share them with the public at large in one venue or another.


Blogger Spoomonger said...

So sad to see the old pen and ink talents go. The same thing happend in the world of Architectural drafting as CADD took the place of the old drawing table. Sometimes I miss drafting the old way as I was had in archtiecture school, but not when I have to get my work done.

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