Saturday, August 27, 2005

Apparently, abstinence is "inhumane"

According to some people from the liberal bent, teaching abstinence before marriage is not only unhealthy--because teaching abstinence is the "healthiest choice for teens" as being an imposition of values, not facts--but it's "irresponsible" and "inhumane." Additionally, according to Congresswoman Barbara Lee, (D-CA), we might as well be animals because "Abstaining from sex is oftentimes not a choice, and therefore their only hope in preventing HIV infection is the use of condoms." Either that, or she advocates rape.

Using this logic, since when was keeping people more emotionally and spiritually healthy, free from diseases and unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, and a host of other difficulties brought about by having sex without a lifetime, monogamous spouse in marriage "irresponsible?" Perhaps it is "inhumane" to teach people to have self-control and respect for others and themselves, and not to use sex indiscriminantly with others to avoid most of the plagues that have become more and more rampant in our nation (AIDS, abortions, disease, single parenting, etc.). Hmmm, who are the ones that are "imposing" their values on others: the people with true concern for others' health and well-being, or those who are pushing for their ultimately destructive agenda under the guise of "freedom?"


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