Thursday, August 24, 2006

Red lobster or blue? Yes.

In one of those rare occurrences of nature (actually a 1:50-100,000,000 ratio), a man in Maine caught a two-toned lobster, with one side being greenish-blue, and the other like the cooked orange color.

Robinson, of Steuben, donated the lobster to the Mount Desert Oceanarium....Bette Spurling, who works at the oceanarium, said lobster shells are usually a blend of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Those colors mix to form the greenish-brown color of most lobsters. This lobster, though, has no blue in half of its shell, she said. Bernard Arseneau, a former manager at the oceanarium's lobster hatchery, said lobsters also have a growth pattern in which the two sides develop independently of each other. The oceanarium has received only three two-toned lobsters in its 35 years of existence, staff members said.


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They're still nasty...

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