Sunday, February 11, 2007

Resurrection Sequel: Another Faith-Based Movie to Release on Peter

Variety reports that a new movie is in the works to highlight the life of Peter, primarily his work in founding the church in Rome.

Producer signs on for 'Peter'
Pellegrino teams with Canadians for religious pic

German producer Roland Pellegrino, who financed the "The Red Baron," is leaping from the aerial battles of World War I to the streets of ancient Rome.

He's teaming with Canadian duo Jakob de Boer and Bess Fotopoulus to bring the life of Jesus' most influential disciple to the big screen.

The English-language "The Sword of Peter" tells the story of the Galilean fisherman who founded the Christian church in Rome. The film explores the early days of Christianity under the reign of Emperor Nero and the burning of Rome in 64 A.D.

Billed as "Gladiator" meets "The Passion of the Christ," pic is produced by de Boer and Fotopoulus' Toronto-based FOS with de Boer set to direct from his own script.

"The Sword of Peter" is budgeted at $40 million and will shoot in Italy and Israel. The producers are looking to finance the film by way of Canadian subsidies, international presales and private equity from Germany.

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