Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ron DiCianni unveils new mural!

One of my favorite artists, Ron DiCianni, is revealing a new mural painting at the Museum of Biblical Art.

Ron DiCianni Unveils New Resurrection Mural

World Renowned Artist Ron DiCianni has finished a masterwork one-of-a-kind mural on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mural stands 40 feet by 12 feet and will be the signature piece at the Museum of Biblical Art.


PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 25, 2010 – Temecula, CA – Tapestry Productions Talent Management (A Division of TPI) is pleased to announce that artist Ron DiCianni has successfully completed the largest known contemporary oil painting depicting the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Commissioned to be the signature piece of a newly opened museum in Dallas, TX, internationally acclaimed Artist Ron DiCianni describes the work to be his Magnum Opus, capping a half century long career. Standing at 40 feet long by 12 feet high, this oil on canvas mural represents the largest known contemporary depiction of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The mural, entitled Resurrection, has many distinct features and includes a twist on the typical portrayal of Christ’s resurrection by showing several past “Heroes of the Faith” in attendance, including John the Baptist, Moses, Abraham and Isaiah. Modeling for these characters were some of the top artists in America, including Morgan Weistling and Thomas Blackshear.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the key tenets in Christianity establishing that after Jesus died on the cross, He was raised to life confirming His status as Savior. DiCianni’s mural showing this historically factual event provides a “what it might have been like” glimpse as Jesus emerges victorious from the Tomb.

No expense was spared in the creation of the mural. A professional fashion designer custom crafted each costume, the backdrops were made by an LA based movies studio, the props were period correct movie props and the paint made by the same paint manufacturer that has supplied Master artists, including Ron DiCianni, for the last 350 years. The culmination of over two years of work, including the expertise of Warner Brothers for certain components and props, the mural is expected to be unveiled at the museum in mid 2010.

About the Artist- Ron DiCianni is one of the most celebrated Fine Artists in America. After a several successful decades in commercial illustration with many Fortune 500 companies, Ron began to exclusively paint Scriptural themes with the mission of Reclaiming the Arts for Christ. Ron DiCianni’s work is recognized by both secular and Christian art connoisseurs to be some of the best ever produced and he ranks as one of the best selling artists of all time. A classically trained artist, Ron’s past works include the best selling Spiritual Warfare & In the Wilderness as well as paintings for the President of the United States, The United States Olympic Committee and the Assemblies of God World Headquarters. His work is represented in galleries across the country by his publisher and he has been featured in countless Christian and secular publications.

About Tapestry Productions Inc:

Tapestry Productions Inc (TPI) is a Christian Fine Art Publisher and Talent Management company specializing in the creation and execution of new marketing strategies and products. We were formed as an execution outlet for artists and authors whose mission is to preach the Gospel with excellence through their various giftings and talents. It is our mission and purpose to communicate the Gospel excellently and without compromise in both the Christian and Secular marketplace with the highest level of execution and integrity. To find out more please visit us on the web at:


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