Saturday, August 27, 2005

The infiltration of PC in the church

According to this article, the hymnals of the Evangelical Lutheran Church has decided to make the titles of God more "gender-neutral" in order to attract more people into the church. First of all, what they propose to replace God as "Father" with is "Holy Eternal Majesty" and Jesus rather than "Son" will be "Holy Incarnate Word." If that doesn't alienate more people from God with an even more distant title than "Father" or "Son," I don't know what will. Secondly, since when was the church supposed to acquiese to the percieved politically correct terminology of the world, because they think giving God a male gender will give people Oedipal complexes or bring up bad memories of their fathers? The Lutheran denomination is doing a disservice to their people and to Christianity in general, and are not signifying themselves as a "global church."


Anonymous Spoomonger said...

Pathetic aspirations. Making the church mirror the world will not bring people into church. People come to church to get away from the garbage of the world. Those who live and relish in the garbage will still have no desire to come to church just because it had become more like them. Why go if there is no difference from where you are at??

11:58 PM  
Blogger Myownigloo said...

Hmmm, this may explain the sign on a local Lutheran church offering Wednesday evening prayers to the goddess or something like that.

I couldn't quite wrap my wits around why it was advertised on a Lutheran church.


9:53 PM  
Blogger queen_spoo said...

Yes, that is odd--and might be explained by this article's addressing of things changing in the church to be more palatable and "inclusive" to the general public rather than making the moral stand it is called to do--and it makes me wonder what is going on in the church, especially amongst some denominations in particular. Why does it suddenly need to be PC and throw its moral and doctrinal values out the window in order to be "accepting?" To me, it has ceased to be a true church at that point when it tries to cater to the world's values, rather than being the guide it was meant to be.

4:42 PM  

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