Friday, March 02, 2007

Star Trek XI Gets Director and Release Date

From Hollywood Reporter, the projected release date is December 25, 2008:

'Star Trek' release date set

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- Captain's log: December 25, 2008.

Paramount Pictures has set a Christmas Day 2008 release date for the 11th "Star Trek" feature, to be filmed by "Mission: Impossible III" director J.J. Abrams. Shooting will begin in the fall, Paramount said Tuesday.

The screenplay, from "M:I 3" scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, is said to follow James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock during their Starfleet Academy years and into their first space mission.

The previous film in the series, the 2002 box office bomb, "Star Trek: Nemesis," was directed by Stuart Baird, and starred Patrick Stewart.

It is also confirmed that JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost) will officially direct the film:

Abrams Treks On

It's official. Not only will Lost and Alias creator J.J. Abrams co-write and produce the next Star Trek film, he will also assume the director's chair. In case you've been living under a rock, the plotline will take us into the future's past, chronicling the first meeting of Jim Kirk & Mr. Spock at Starfleet Academy.

Also from Sci-Fi Wire:

Abrams To Direct Trek XI

Paramount announced on Feb. 27 that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek XI, aiming for a Christmas 2008 release date, with a script by Abrams' Mission: Impossible III co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

"If there's something I'm dying to see, it's the brilliance and optimism of [Trek creator Gene] Roddenberry's world brought back to the big screen," Lost co-creator Abrams said in a statement. "Alex and Bob wrote an amazing script that embraces and respects Trek canon, but charts its own course. Our goal is to make a picture for everyone: lifelong fans and the uninitiated. Needless to say, I am honored and excited to be part of this next chapter of Star Trek."

Brad Grey, chairman and chief executive of Paramount Pictures, said in his own statement: "We could not be more thrilled to be back in business with J.J. Abrams. The revival of the Star Trek franchise is an important part of Paramount's turnaround."

Kurtzman and Orci will executive-produce with Bryan Burk, who is also an executive producer of Abram's ABC series Lost. Abrams and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof will produce.

On Feb. 26, reported a rumor that Matt Damon was under consideration for the role of Kirk, Oscar winner Adrien Brody was being eyed to play Spock and Gary Sinise was being mulled to play Dr. Leonard McCoy. A source close to the production discounted that report in an interview with SCI FI Wire, saying that no decisions have been made. —Patrick Lee, News Editor

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