Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dream Theater and Queensryche in Concert!

We got to see Dream Theater again on their Progressive Nation 2009 Tour, along with their opening acts Scale the Summit, Bigelf, and Zappa plays Zappa (with Frank's son, Dweezil). They played some great past songs along with several from their most recent release, Black Clouds and Silver Linings. A great bonus was Queensryche also joined the lineup, the only Dream Theater concert they also played on, played mostly from their newest album written about soldier's stories called American Soldier. Here's a slide show of some pictures of Queensryche and Dream Theater:

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Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...

Very cool slideshow. :) Sounds like a fun concert!

9:39 AM  
Blogger queen_spoo said...

It was fun. 5 bands and the concert ran from 4:30-11:00! We definitely got our money's worth, and saw a lot of great musicianship!

11:17 AM  

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