Sunday, July 25, 2010

Steve Carrell plays fife??

Saw this clip from David Letterman where Steve Carrell guest starred and played a tune on his fife from his Fife and Drum Corps days years ago.  Seems I need to get out my fife and get in touch our local Old Guard Fifer Don Francisco for some lessons!

'Late Show': Steve Carell Plays Fife from War-Reenactment DaysWow, Steve Carell was such a dork. (Unless you're majorly into Revolutionary War history. In which case: Hot!) He revealed on the 'Late Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) that the Carell men were avid members of a war-reenactment troupe in Massachusetts.

"I was in a fife and drum corps," he told David Letterman. "My father carried a musket, my brother was a drummer, and I was a fifer ... I did it for a few years -- and had no girlfriends during that time."

After this revelation, he pulled out a fife, "essentially, an 18th century flute" that would lead soldiers into battle. Though he hadn't played in 30 years, he gave the audience quite the scrappy performance.

Then the host further embarrassed Carell by unveiling his 1984 college graduation photo, which featured the actor sporting a not-so-stylish mustache. "You look older in this picture than you do now! How is that possible?" asked Letterman. Good question.

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The video is private, try this

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