Sunday, February 27, 2011

Interesting Play Juxtaposes Freud and Lewis

Freud, C. S. Lewis Get into an Argument . . .

That's the premise of 'Freud's Last Session,' a play now in an extended run in New York

C. S. Lewis, Sigmund Freud, and God walk into a bar, and . . .

Well, that's not quite the setting, and it's not quite a joke, but there is humor aplenty to be found in Freud's Last Session, an off-Broadway play in New York that imagines a conversation between the two thinkers -- the Christian Lewis and the atheist Freud -- and their musings on God.

Here's one example of the smart banter between the two:

LEWIS: The wish that God doesn’t exist can be just as powerful as the belief He does. I’d even say choosing to disbelieve may be stronger evidence for His existence, since you have to be aware of what you’re denying.

FREUD: I deny the existence of Unicorns. Therefore, they exist?

Jerry Tallmer of New York's Downtown Express sheds more light on the production, which has also received rave reviews:

“Sharp, lively discourse…The humor is plentiful! Martin Rayner delivers a wise and cranky Freud. Mark H. Dold paints a wonderfully warm portrait of the young C.S. Lewis" (NY Times).

"A juicy intellectual debate…Terrific performances!” (NY Post).

“Riveting theater!” (Huffington Post)

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