Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Celestial Trio

A total surprise happened tonight, when I let my cat out on the balcony to lounge a bit and happened to look at the twilight sky and saw an awesome astronomical sight! I wasn't expecting anything this spectacular--maybe a nice sunset--but found a waxing crescent moon hanging large near the horizon, flanked by Venus (left) and Jupiter (right)! (see star chart for September 6th) I suppose you could actually call this a celestial quartet, because the little blip of light between Venus and the Moon is the star Spica. (see illustration) I took several pictures of it with the tripod, trying to get at least one good one, but nearly all turned out great in some respect. I was so glad to have "accidentally" looked out the door to find such a beautiful surprise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must mean something prophetic! Jupiter – the most powerful of the gods – must represent The United States of America, the most powerful of all nations. Venus – the female goddess of love and beauty – must represent Mother Nature. Spica means ‘Ear of Wheat’ – specifically that held by the constellation Virgo (again with the female virgin thing.) The Moon is made of cheese. Therefore, we all must immediately repent and put cheese in our ears.

7:56 PM  

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