Thursday, April 05, 2007

Peter O'Toole to play in film about painter Thomas Kinkade

O'Toole puts Kinkade film on his palette

By Carolyn Giardina
April 5, 2007

Peter O'Toole is in final negotiations to star in Lionsgate's "The Christmas Cottage," a feature based on the Thomas Kinkade painting.

The film will be directed by Michael Campus, and production is scheduled to begin this month in Vancouver and Whistler.

"Cottage" is said to be partly biographical and based on events that led American painter Kinkade to become an artist. O'Toole will play a painter Glen Weissler, based on one of Kinkade's mentors.

"Cottage" also will be produced by the Firm and Kinkade's Birch label. Producers are the Firm's Julie Yorn, Michael and Arla Dietz Campus as well as Thomas and Nanette Kinkade. A holiday release is planned for the film, which is part of a production deal between Lionsgate and Kinkade.

O'Toole recently was nominated for his eighth Academy Award for his performance in "Venus."

He is repped by Untitled Entertainment and Steve Kenis & Co. in the U.K.

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Blogger RC said...

this totally doesn't seem like a o'toole project, because frankly it sounds way cheesy.

apparently marcia gay harden is supposed to be in too...weird huh?

2:13 AM  
Blogger queen_spoo said...

Hey there, RC! Yes, it's interesting that O'Toole signed much as I respect Kinkade as an artist, I hope this movie doesn't go off the cheese-o-meter charts! I guess we'll have to see...

11:25 PM  

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