Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What should we re-name Satin?

The winner is.....GALEN! (named after the technomage on Babylon 5) Thanks to everyone who participated!

So, we have a new cat that we adopted to be a playmate for Mochachino, since Gigi wasn't too fond of being around him. We found Satin at a cat rescue that I volunteer with, and he's about the same age and temperament as Mocha. They are getting along great (see the video of them below). We are OK with the name Satin, but also threw around some other names as ideas. So we are putting up another survey to see what you all think. Thanks for voting!

Click Here to take survey


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The boys got their workout, didn't they? Mocha has some "mothering" instincts, it seems, and although annoyed and even agitated at times; e.g., the ears turned back and the tail quite animated, Satin eventually succumbed to the playful spirit. So great that you captured it!

3:07 PM  

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